Bakit tayo nakikipagtismisan? (Why do we gossip?)


Excuse me, hindi po ako sumasali sa tsismis! (Excuse me, I do not gossip!)

Oh, but you do—that is, if we go by how gossip is defined in several studies. In this entry, I draw on research from different fields of study—psychology, anthropology, physics and complexity, organizational management, and economics—to explain what scholars say about gossip: (1) what it is, (2) how it gets spread, and (3) why we do it. My hope is to have a better appreciation for gossip and its role in society, and, at the same time, impart my nerdy tendencies to hit scholarly work (read: Google Scholar is your friend) when life’s more trivial questions pique my curiosity. Continue reading →

Mom-guilt and working from home

My name is Kim. I’m a wife, and a mom of two beautiful kids. I’m an introvert and I work from home.

It would seem, from the outset, that this is the perfect set-up–not just for an introvert but for a mom of two kids below the age of 5. I get to stay home with my kids and see them grow, while I toil away at the comfort of my home. Plus, I have a full-time nanny! I get to have a career and be a full-time parent. If anything, the guilt should stem from being able to have my cake and eat it to. Best of both worlds, right?

Well, not exactly.

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3 Things I’ve Learned From Running a Small Business in the Last 4 Years

In college, I had this dream of putting up my own business. I didn’t have an idea of what kind of business I was going to start, but the image in my head involved corner offices on the top floor of a building. My business would give me flexibility, allowing me to set my own schedule and travel.

I only saw the glamour. Was I completely wrong.

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Keep Calm and Make Your Own Stickers | Turon at Lugaw

Keep Calm and Make Your Own Stickers (Tutorial)

I love stickers. I love them as much as I love notebooks. But I don’t collect them as much. That’s because I can’t seem to find stickers that I really want to use. I’m not an elementary school student anymore–I don’t like Sanrio stickers as much as I used to.

I love the Keep Calm and Carry On design. But I can’t seem to find nice ones. So I figured, why not create my own stickers? Since I already own my own print and business center, I could always print my own.

See those sticker prints above? I made them! I’m no graphic designer, but thanks to Keep Calm-O-Matic and PicMonkey, they were easy to make!

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03.24 Stationery Gel Pens Divisoria 168 Mall TuronATLugaw

The Collective Divisoria Shopping Haul … so far

I set foot in Divisoria for the first time in 4 years a few months ago. We needed loot bag fillers and party decor for my daughter’s birthday bash. We’ve been going back once a month since. I would never have thought that my husband has the patience and enthusiasm for shopping in Divisoria.

We visit for the toys and bricks.

Then again, the Divisoria toy scene is something else. The Husband, a Lego enthusiast, has recently discovered China-made Lego-like bricks and minifigures, which is why he doesn’t mind getting up early to drive to Divisoria. Continue reading →

Traveling Feet Bucket List: Western Montana and Glacier National Park

I’ve always been fascinated by Montana. Not exactly the kind of place Filipinos would dream of visiting, especially since it can get really cold! I hear it’s a nice place to visit during the summer months. If you’re one to commune with nature, I think Montana’s a beautiful place to visit. Continue reading →