How was your day?

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I’d like to think that I do not have a typical day. I do, however, follow some semblance of a routine:

Wake up before 6.
Give my email and Facebook a passing glance.
Gear up for my morning run.
Eat breakfast.
Buckle down for work.

Sometimes, I pull 14-hour workdays. Some days, I work for only an hour, sometimes even less.

Today, I worked 8 hours. I had a good day; I was able to achieve a lot. I worked on a client’s social media campaign (translation: spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook, trying to make friends). I also perused blogs on social media, hoping to learn more and successfully apply them.

Sometimes, I’m awed by what my Mac and I can do in my little corner office. I’ve never felt so productive.

It’s a charmed life, but it isn’t without challenges. Freelancing can make my days unpredictable. There are days when I second guess myself and ask, “Do I really know how to do this?” At times, the question becomes “What did I get myself into?!” But I love it. My best friend once said that I have a high tolerance for uncertainty. I agree with her; I think I do.

I’m made for this. Owning my time offers me a lot of fulfillment. Battling procrastination makes me feel very accomplished.

How about you, how was your day?


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  1. I like the sound of your morning routine. It’s one that I often try and stick to for myself. Of course the battle with procrastination is always an ongoing one! 🙂


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