False Advertising: Our Unfortunate Experience with Resorts World Manila and Ensogo Philippines

Here is an account written by my husband about our experience with Ensogo and Resorts World Manila:

I usually share my good experiences about places I go to and don’t waste time on the ones that are bad. However, I believe that it is my duty to tell everyone about our unfortunate experience with Ensogo Philippines and Resorts World Manila!

On August 17, I purchased a deal voucher from Ensogo Philippines about a PhP588 deal on a buffet and other perks from Bar 360 of Resorts World Manila. The voucher indicates that we had to make reservations at least 3 days prior. I did so two weeks ago for November 20. I bought 4 vouchers so that we can try it more than once.

You can find that particular deal on this website.

However, as I was about to print the vouchers from the Ensogo website, I chanced upon the Discussions section where people who bought the voucher were commenting about how they felt that the deal was a “rip off.” I found out that Resort’s World was re-directing all patrons to Noodle Works, instead of Bar360! So I called Ensogo, but nobody was answering their hot line. After 5 tries, I went to contact the merchant instead, Resorts World Manila.

I got through the trunkline and looked for the person incharge of the promotion. I was always forwarded to another person. Finally, after 2 more transfers, my call was forwarded to Anna, who I think is in charge of reservations. I inquired if it was true that patrons of the Bar360 buffet were being re-directed to Noodleworks. Anna admitted that it was true! This was surprising and I asked why was there a change. I was told that it was the decision of upper management. I then said that that was not what is stated in the promotion posted on Ensogo. I bought the Bar360 promo, not Noodleworks. She then said she cannot do anything about it. I asked to be kindly directed to a person who can address my problem. She then forwarded me to Ms. Jen Hizon (my 4th transfer, btw) as Ms. Hizon was the Supervisor.

Ms. Hizon explained that people were just being directed to a new venue but the drinks will still be served at Bar 360. This is an unfair deal, I told her, as this is not what you sold us. I bought a voucher for a breakfast or lunch buffet at the Bar 360, which, according to the voucher, is open from 6am to 3pm. She then said that she cannot do anything. This irked me a bit because this wasn’t what I bought and this wasn’t what they advertised. This is unfair, I said. She then offered to find a solution for the problem so that I can still enjoy the buffet at Bar 360. She then offered to call me back, and asked for my voucher numbers. I gladly accepted the offer as I just wanted to get what I paid for. After giving all the details she requested, she said that she will retur my call by Thursday afternoon, November 17, or latest by Friday morning, November 18. I agreed and I got her direct line and was thankful that she also gave me her cell number. Now that’s service, I figured.

I waited for her call until Friday, just before lunchtime. I decided to give her a call instead. She told me that they are considering booking us at the Mercado buffet instead, BUT with the condition that I can only go on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday lunch only. I didn’t like the offer, particularly because not only did it not give me a choice on the matter, but it felt like I was getting the short end of the stick. The vouchers I had stated that the only time I cannot use it for the buffet was for holidays. How can they offer me a Monday-Wednesday slot? So she offered, “Sir we are still trying to do everything to accommodate you. Sunday for sure will not be possible as Mercado is always full. I’ll call you this afternoon to let you know the final details.” We hung up and I felt confident that they were still doing something to accommodate me.

Afternoon arrived and still no call. I gave her a call again, since my reservation date is nearing and I still don’t know if we were pushing through. She answered, “Sir, di ko po kayo nakakalimutan (I haven’t forgotten about you). Sir, 4:30 pa lang naman, di pa tapos ang work schedule. (Sir, it’s only 4:30pm and my workday isn’t over yet.” I felt that that sounded rude. I waited for her to call, but she never did.

To my surprise, Ms. Hizon called me at 12:22pm on Saturday, November 19. She told me that they will be serving the buffet at Bar 360 and that she just needed to confirm the reservation. I thanked her and was very grateful, particularly because I reserved that lunch for my wife and my in-laws. She also needed the final headcount. I had to re-confirm with everyone first, and said that I would call her ASAP for the headcount. I tried calling her back within 10 minutes of the last call, but her line was constantly busy. I decided to send her an SMS instead, confirming 5 guests for a 10am brunch on Sunday, November 20. She replied with an SMS, confirming our reservation. I was also told by her that she was already out of office, but assured me that the tour counter will process my voucher.

On Sunday, at about 9:30am, my wife and I went to the tour counter to have our vouchers processed. We arrived early to ensure that all will go smoothly. We were checked in by the kind ladies at the tour counter.

On a side note, since I only had 4 vouchers with me, but 5 were attending the brunch, I asked how much I needed to pay for the extra person. I was told that the buffet only cost PhP250. I was quite surprised because I paid PhP588 for it. But I was told that since it came with a bucket of beer (a 5+1 promo, which is 6 beers in total) and a PhP300 Match and Play voucher for the Casino, the Ensogo voucher would indeed cost more. I should add, however, that the Ensogo voucher stated that the cost of the entire package was valued at PhP1,735. If that’s the case, then math should tell me that PhP250 + PhP300 + PhP500 (assuming that each beer is PhP100 each—an inflated price, already, plus 1 free) is NOT equal to PhP1,735.

One of the ladies at the counter kindly offered to check us in at Bar 360, but since we were waiting for my in-laws, we decided to just walk around first while waiting. We also decided to just use first the Match and Play coupons. Imagine our surprise when we found out that we still needed to buy chips to use the coupons. What a marketing ploy, I thought. But decided that what we came for was the buffet, so I didn’t really mind this fine print anymore.

When we were ready to eat, we went to the hostess counter of Bar 360. While there were a lot of service staff in the area, no one was manning the front desk. Neither were we being accommodated. We stood there for a good 10 minutes, but nobody approached. I had to walk to the bar area and asked the bar tender for his assistance. He then called another attendant to attend to us. I walked politely back to the front desk, and someone finally approached. We told her that we wished to be seated and that we were ready to eat.

Imagine my surprise when I was told that the buffet starts at 11am. I told her that I made reservations for 10am. She said that that couldn’t be possible because the Bar360 buffet opens only at 11am. She also said that she was never informed about a 10am reservation. She called another person to help shed light to our predicament. That person also informed us that buffet always starts at 11am.

Visibly irked and hungry at this point, I pointed out that the Bar360 coupon I was holding clearly stated that buffet is from 6am till 3pm on that day! They just looked at me and my wife with blank faces and said, “Sir please wait for us here and we will clear this up.”

We stood there for another 10 minutes. I decided to walk back to tour counter to talk to the manager who was at the front desk of bar 360 earlier. I told them that I wanted a refund because I was unhappy and because I’ve been chasing people for the last 4 days to get a decent me. I told them that I made reservations for 10am only to find out that I can only eat at 11:00am.

I must commend them, though, because they remained polite. However, they did tell me that they cannot process a refund. I told them that that was unacceptable. I made several calls prior to arriving to ensure that things will go smoothly, knowing full well that people were already compaling about this promotion. I asked if I could talk to Jen Hizon. They got surprised that I knew Ms. Hizon and said that they will have Jen decide on this. They were talking to Jen infront of me and it was taking some time to explain who I was. So I politely asked if I could talk to Jen instead. The manager was opposed to it at first, but eventually gave me the phone.

I talked to Jen, who then informed me that she told me that lunch starts at 11am. She insists that she informed me. I still have our exchange of SMS messages to prove otherwise. Besides, the voucher Resorts World printed stated that buffet was open from 6am to 3pm. Despite this, she vehemently insisted that she still informed me that lunch starts at 11am. But how can that be, when the vouchers and our conversation proved otherwise?

Jen couldn’t provide any explanation anymore at this point.

I was very disappointed because I felt that I was being made a fool. I demanded a refund instead. Jen told me that to do that, she had to contact her superior. Because I felt that this was going to take longer than what I could take, I asked if I could instead call her superior for her. I was told flat out that that wasn’t possible because it was a Sunday. For a hospitality manager to have the gall to tell an angry client that, it clearly reflects a huge level of incompetence or a severe lack of customer service skills.

I asked what they could offer me at that point. I was hungry. My family was hungry. And I was VERY disappointed. I was told that there was nothing that they could do.

At this point, I was at the end of my rope so I told them that I was going to report them to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for false advertising, among other things. To which she replies, “Sir, we will process your request and it’s a Sunday so it’ll take a couple of days.” I felt like she suddenly realized what a predicament they were in and decided to take a different approach by trying to appease me, although they were quite ineffective.

I asked the manager if I could talk to anyone else. Nobody was addressing my concern. The manager then excused herself and went on the phone to talk to Jen. It took her some time, but the manager offered to transfer us to Mercado instead. I accepted the offer.

I’d like to remind my reader that this offer was originally given to me, but I wasn’t allowed to go on a Sunday because reservations were usually full. I’d like to add that it was a Sunday but I didn’t see anyone there. In fact, Ensogo also has another promo for Mercado. If it were always full, why offer a half-price off promo for said establishment?

In any case, we walked to Mercado. To manager’s and my surprise, Mercado also only opens at 11am. I completely gave up and demanded a refund. I talked to Jen again, but it was clear at that point that nothing could be done. I was completely irked and angry and just didn’t want to be there anymore. They ruined my Sunday.

In the end, my family and I walked out of the establishment.

How can a supposedly “world class” establishment treat patrons that way? This is clearly a case of false advertising. It’s no different from the bait and switch tactics of scrupulous establishments. Unfortunately, such tactics are unbecoming of a supposedly “world class” hotel and casino. This is very disappointing, unfortunate and completely unfair, to say the least. All we wanted was a decent meal from a nice establishment. We thought that Resorts World was such, that is, until our terrible experience with them.

As for Ensogo, we’ve heard of other regrettable experiences. You may find another unsatisfied customer’s blog here.



    1. ALL SELLERS AT ENSOGO BEWARE Some Staff at Ensogo ph Scam you just like me. I sell that site im loosing money there. Staff at ensogo bought your selling there and after you shiip the order they automatically refunded with out prior noticed to the Seller. Staff at ensogo purchased your selling combine shipping as far as we know no combine shipping at ensogo.ph after 4 weeks the combine shipping staff at ensogo purchased claim item not recieved even though seller marked ship by download the tracking # Staff ensogo purchased delivered but still they got refunded. Its Useless you download proof of delivery at ensogoph for the claim coz its refunded at ensogo staff purchased. Payout took Ages My big mistake i sell at ensogo ph


  1. Sir Mond, I have an unfortunate experience at Ensogo too. I’ve been a loyal buyer of their deals (w/c luckily didn’t pose any problems for me), but one time my voucher’s serial number wasn’t recorded in the merchant’s database. It was so embarrassing since I was already in the store. I ended up paying full for the things I got so as to save face. I didn’t post about this incident on Ensogo’s discussion threads, nor try to contact their hotline though. I knew I wouldn’t receive a refund anyway, especially with the continuously growing pile of complaints against them.

    PS: I still buy online deals though, but do super extensive research before purchasing. At the moment, I’m loving Deal Grocer. Never had any problems with them.


  2. It always helps to complain. I find that even if there will be some instances when you will not get the desired outcome, warning people about what happened already helps a lot.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. Please let others know so that they won’t fall victim to such deals in the future.


  3. Making compliants help BUT…with our system here it’s as slow as a snail mail. We live in a third world country wherein only the powerful can make decisions so no matter how hard you try most often than not, things do not work out well. Technology has expanded tremendously but our “system” here in the Philippines have not changed at all. We do not have a policy tht protects consumers the way the western world works. Here in the Philippines if you buy something that is truly “cheap” then you relly get what you pay for and that is always—a cheap product and servic! Boycott “ensogo” their deals are too good to be true and it’s usually a “rip-off”…


  4. Hi Zandra, thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, unfortunately, some complaints do not provide results. But we do it anyway so that others will not fall victims to scrupulous deals in the future–and hope that others’ complaints will also save us, too, from future stress and trouble.


  5. well i believe you have to make a full investigation first before you drop the scenario into your own personal credit… though it is your right, you also have to put your complete name into your blog!!! to make it more realistic…kasi baka naman hindi totoo lahat ng sinabi mo?? sorry…
    you have jeopardized the situation and even managed to assassinate a character of an undefended prey…


  6. Hello cute, thank you for taking the time to comment. Do not worry, an investigation of the matter by the appropriate authorities is the objective of this blog. The DTI, Ensogo and Resorts World Manila have already been informed of this unfortunate incident.

    If you wish to know who I am, my name is Kim San Agustin-Vergara, a market research professional. If you wish to discuss this further, just let me know and I will personally email you answers for any queries you may have regarding this incident. You did indicate your email address when you commented on my blog.

    Thank you and have a nice day.


  7. I also got the permission of my husband to publish his name. He is Raymond Vergara, a marketing and advertising professor from the De La Salle University Manila. It was he who wrote down this account.


  8. I actually experienced the worst problem with Ensogo! I purchased 3 months ago 10 vouchers ofHongkong travel package, http://www.ensogo.com.ph/manila/kingstrar-travel-hk-13588.html. Upon payment, I informed them right away of my family’s preferred travel dates, with additional arrangements such as 1 day extension of stay SINCE WE WANT TO MAXIMIZE OUR TRIP there – plus Disney tour, thus I was asked to pay additional of P43,000. When I called and emailed them to give them our preferred travel arrangements, they gave me the assurance that everything was ironed out already and all I have to do is to wait for our e-tickets which will be issued 3 WEEKS BEFORE departure date. Our Travel date is Dec 2-5> Here is the itinerary they sent me:

    Below is the 4-day itinerary:
    • DAY 1: Manila to Hong Kong (no meals) – 8:00AM – 10:00AM- Manila to Hong Kong via Hong Kong Express UO714/0755/1000 – Meet and transfer to hotel – Disneyland tour – Overnight in Hong Kong • DAY 2: Hong Kong (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -08:30AM commencing Hong Kong City tour visiting Mid-level of Victoria Peak, Aberdeen Fishing Village (Sampan ride is optional), J.C. Jewelry Factory and Movie Star Avenue -Afternoon free time for shopping
    -Overnight in Hong Kong • DAY 3: Hong Kong to Manila (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -free time
    • DAY 4: Hong Kong to Manila (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -free time in the morning (Hotel check-out time is at 1200) -Afternoon assembly and transfer to Hong Kong Airport by coach -9:30PM -11:30PM Hong Kong to Manila via UO713/2130/2330

    So almost 2 and half months passed by and long planned our trip is a month to go, I made a follow up/reminder that our e-tickets should be issued 3 WEEKS before our trip. Here is their reply:

    “We will e-mail the e-ticket next week. Aplogies for the delay. Rest assured that booking is already confirmed and guaranted.”

    Thank you!

    Ensogo Team

    I trusted that everything is still fine as per their assurance. Another week passed by and our trip is 2 weeks to go so I was starting to get frustrated, especially since its taking FOREVER to reach their numbers. I made another follow up and this is what they said:

    “We understand your frustration and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Rest assured that your booking is already confirmed and guaranteed. We will get back to you immediately once we have an update regarding your e-ticket. As mentioned on our previous e-mail, we will e-mail the e-ticket within the week. We already made the follow up and we are just waiting for their reply.”

    Thank you for understanding. Have a great day!

    Best regards,

    Ensogo Team

    Until its already 1 WEEK to go before our LONG PLANNED TRIP I became very upset already and really never stopped making follow ups and calls in their office and hardly reached them so I made a research and was able to get the number of a certain Jan Franco – one of their marketing executives and I figured, she will definitely take my call coz I might be a prospective client/merchant for Ensogo who would want to avail of their service. True enough, my call was answered in almost an instant and I told her my problem and she was able to direct me to the person whom I really need to talk to to address my problem. It’s already Nov 25, Friday 4pm when I got this email from them:

    “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We regret to inform you that Hongkong Express cancelled their flight for Manila to Hong Kong UO714/0755/1000 (8:00AM – 10:00AM), and was moved to 1840H(6:40pm). Your return flight to manila remains the same. Your disneyland tour will be move on 2nd day instead of day 1. Please advise.

    Thank you!

    Ensogo Team

    SERIOUSLY? 1 WEEK BEFORE OUR LONG PLANNED TRIP? We are 10 that were supposed to make the trip and how in the hell are we going to find alternative option in a span of 1 WEEK? They want us to settle with the change in flight schedule wheerein we were supposed to be scheduled to leave 8 in MORNING of DEC 2, but instead they are saying that our flight is MOVED to 6:40 in the EVENING. So the point of our extension of stay becomes USELESS if we would accept this. TAKE NOTE THAT WE EVEN PAID FOR ADDITIONAL EXTENSION OF STAY JUST TO MAXIMIZE OUR TRIP. What made everything worst is that they just advised us the said changes 1 WEEK prior to our trip. HOW IS THAT FOR RUINING OUR LONG PLANNED VACATION?! Not to mention the dissapointment of my family, my kids in particular. Our family has decided to demand for a FULL REFUND and we are considering filing necessary charges against this VERY IRRESPONSIBLE GROUP BUYING SITE NAMED ENSOGO.

    Oh, and 1 last thing….they didn’t even offered any COMPROMISE to cover for the INCONVENIENCE. GOOD JOB ENSOGO!


  9. Wow, Darlene. That’s quite an inconvenience. I hope this matter gets resolved soon, for the sake of your kids.

    As for me, Resorts World and Ensogo has contacted us, asking for a dialogue. We will be scheduling something soon. And for everyone’s sake, I hope there won’t be any repeat of these inconveniences. It’s such a huge wast of time, money and effort.


    1. True, now my family is doing all the cramming up trying to find alternative travel package directly from various travel agencies just to push through with our original travel dates since my brother and siter in-law has already filed their leave of absence from their work, thus re-scheduling is really not an option. My family would really go straight to their office just to make sure that our full reund of P178,000+ would be processed and given to us tomorrow. Afterwhich we would really file a case against them.


  10. Hi Ma’am,

    Would like to know what has transpired on your meeting with Ensogo and resorts world. I too share the same bad experience on this particular deal. Although we still ate the food which i can describe as the worst buffet ever!!. Too think that i planned this for weeks for our anniversary date, i was so ashamed to even look at my wife kasi napaka disappointed nya. The worst part is, Ensogo was not even answering to our complaints. Balitaan nyo nalang ako madam kung anong nangyari para alam ko rin gagawin, thanks!


  11. I bought 5 of these vouchers. I called Resorts World but they said that the promo moved to another restaurant there. I emailed Ensogo many times. All I ever got was this answer:


    We appreciate your patience. We will help you. We documented your concern and our partner merchant and Ensogo assures you that we will address your concern. Your comments will definitely help us to improve our level of service and get even better deals for you and the rest of our ENSOGO members. Let’s save together! Have a wonderful day!

    Thank you,

    Ensogo Team

    I emailed them 2 more times after that. I got the same answer. P3000.00 down the drain.


  12. hi teril, thats a horrible reply you got. I already reported Ensogo to the DTI, because they always send me that generic reply. its very simple, i only filled out this form:


    and a DTI officer called me on the next day and she actually told me there are currently 15 pending DTI cases against ensogo, because ensogo always just sends generic replies to people who complain, and never does any action. you should check out this blog:


    its really disastrous. i never had a bad experience with other group buying websites.


  13. I apologize for not being able to respond to you recently. My husband was, in the past several days, in contact with people from Ensogo and Resorts World Manila. We’ve been refunded and the check finally cleared. I’ll write a full account once I finish more pressing matters.

    In essence, while I am very grateful that we got our money back, I think this incident–and the incidents that transpired after I wrote this blog–just makes it easier for me and my husband to decide NEVER to transact with Resorts World Manila anymore and to be VERY CAREFUL and CAUTIOUS when transacting with group buying sites. It’s very unfortunate that such service-oriented establishments have a lot to improve on when it comes to their core business–SERVICE. They’re severely lacking in customer service skills.


  14. ENSOGO IS SUCH A SCAM. They offered an apology on their FB page but the gist is they are blaming customers for not understanding the deals. They blocked me 3x already from their fb page but have yet given me my refund for the Pisobid fiasco. also was avictim of the Fila deal. They keep blaming other people but can’t accept that they are a stupid company with poor customer service and scam deals (see bacolod inasal deal)


  15. This ensogo deal is clearly a scam. I purchased 2 vouchers for me and my husband and imagine the shock that we got when we were directed to noodles works and the food they served are a very bad testing adobo, cheap kalabasang with gata and bland tasting macaroni when you are expecting to be served a very sumptuous meal since this is resorts world hello! Thank you turonatlugaw for filing a complaint since they have to learn their lesson and not fool people. Not because you had purchased a discounted deal does not mean that they can serve you with below par things. These people irritates me!


  16. These are very scary scenarios. Fortunately, I have bought only minor deals from Ensogo, those that do not cost me thousands of pesos, as I’m scared of encountering these very problems. No such dreadful experiences so far, fortunately. However, I have tried going to a particular spa 2 different times, once using an Ensogo voucher and the other time paying full price for the service. They were not the same! To begin with, the deal said 1-hour massage, but mine was only 30 minutes. I thought the detail was negligible and didn’t make anything of it. But the 2nd time I went, I did get a full 1-hour massage and much more scrubbing. I felt I got discounted service because I paid a discounted price. I now feel discouraged about patronizing these companies. The savings are not worth the hassle and the tremendous headache, especially since it’s so difficult to get your money back, if at all.


  17. Hi, this is Czarina from GMA7 News TV, I’d like to ask if I could have your contact details, I would like to make further inquiries regarding this kind of alleged online purchasing scam. You may send an email at oncall@gmanetork.com
    Looking forward, thanks!


  18. Hi, this is Czarina from GMA7 News TV, I’d like to ask if I could have your contact details, I would like to make further inquiries regarding this kind of alleged online purchasing scam. You may send an email at oncall@gmanetwork.com
    Looking forward, thanks!


  19. Hi. I have an unfortunate incident with ensogo as well. Would be very helpful if you could please refer some ensogo contact persons who
    Were useful during your “debacle”– bec no one
    Answers their customer support phones/emails.
    Many thanks!


  20. Ensogo Philippines ripped me off by charging an item worth P999 I did not order. Looks like I’m not the only one. Please warn other could-be victims. I got refunded promptly by Dealgrocer.com and Metrodeal.com for overcharges, but Ensogo Philippines never bothered to respond to my complaints. Check out other victims at: https://www.facebook.com/EnsogoPH

    Tags: Ensogo Philippines Living Social, Pinoy Pinay Scandal Scam, Jeremy Lin, Impeachment, Grace Lee


  21. its the Philippines ! what did u expect ? aint nothing free in the land of none.
    u shoulda known better. Philippines likes to take ! take ! take from Balikbayans, tourists, any visitors that come, but hardly ever wants to give back! .. when u go to the philippines, dont expect any freebies or any offer that may seem to good to be true. Nothing out there if free of a con or a scam! ..


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  23. Here’s our bad experience with Ensogo. I copied this from the blog site of my friend.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Tuesday, April 24, 2012My experience with Ensogo and La Carmela De Boracay

    This is the complaint I had with La Carmela. While I am not saying they are the only ones to blame, I think that they also played a big role in our misfortunes from our trip in Boracay.

    As part of our running activity, me and my running club friends planned to join Skyathon Run 2012 as early as December 2011. On December 10, 2011 we found an accommodation package to La Carmela de Boracay through Ensogo which perfectly fits our main purpose of our visit to Boracay for April 2012. We purchased (on the same day) vouchers entitling us with 3D, 2N accommodation (quadruple sharing) with your hotel. We purchased a total of 8 vouchers amount of Php1740 each paying a total of Php13,920. We followed instructions and received confirmation (vi a email) indicating our definite booking for two (2) rooms with 3D 2N accommodation with Buffet Breakfast and Free Use of Swimming Pool at La Carmela de Boracay from April 20-22, 2012. The reservation was made a couple of months ahead of our trip.

    We believed in good faith and trusted that we will receive the best customer service available since we are transacting with the highly acclaimed hotel/resort in Boracay. Sadly to our demised, La Carmela didn’t live up to their brand.

    Upon arrival and check in to La Carmela on Friday, April 20 at around 7p, the reception desk advised that we don’t have the reservation. Though polite, we felt we were treated like pessants begging for a room accommodation. Our voucher and our email confirmation of appointment was never honored. We have asked to speak to a supervisor on duty to escalate our concern. Her response (in Filipino) says: “Naku, sakit talaga ng Ensogo yan. Nagko-confirm pero hindi pino-forward sa amin ang booking.” Soon after -just like how Pilate treated Jesus in his pilgrim-she turned our back on us completely cleansing her hands off the issue. The only explanation provided to us was that there was no room avaiIable hence we need to — in our own accord– find another place to stay. The reservations desk officer directed us to a lodging completely different from our expected ammenities and facilities not to mention we have to shoulder the cost of the lodging.

    Now I am deeply questioning the level of customer service La Carmela implores to their employees and customers like us. It was already past 7p at that time, we are barely surviving exhaustion, hunger and thirst from our long delayed flights and the only escalation procedure they have is for a supervisor to utter a least helpful comment which directed us to nowhere but to resolve our own problems.

    We spent one sleepless and stressed night which we least expected considering our running event is the following morning and we needed to be in perfect condition. But thanks to this Accredited Class AA resort, this didn’t help much with our state and being and that one night was one of our darkest nights. We feared we will not survive our stay in Boracay with limited financial resources (as our budget will be allotted for our hotel lodging and breakfast fees). Our so called vacation turned into exhaustion as we have little help and support. And on personal stance, my first trip to Boracay turned to be my not so favorite ones.

    The following morning April 21,we received a call from La Carmela’s reservations officer that there is a vacant room already. We were startled for a moment because finally we can put our hearts at ease. However to our most disgust, we were advised that we can only be offered a Celebrity Suite which costs Php13,500 and we were asked to shell out Php6200 more plus another room which costs Php13,500 more as the room is only good for 4 pax. We went and spoke with the hotesl’s reservations officer. I personally asked if she can convert the voucher that we have into the value of the suite considering we paid for Php13,920 for it and that we will only be using the voucher for a night. We already lost half the value of the voucher and we can’t do much about it. Of course, it no longer surprised me when I was told nothing can be done about it. She even suggested that we call Ensogo (on a Saturday) and coordinate it with them. She even said that it is a known problem of Ensogo for the deals being offered and coursed through to their hotel.

    Here’s my point, if the management knew that this is an ongoing issue with Ensogo, I wonder why there’s no escalation procedure in place for this type of concerns. Much worse, they still continue partnership with Ensogo and allow this type of acts and support fraudulent relationships with its clients. To date, these deals are still being offered and I have yet to hear another script that they have rehearsed for another “victim” like us. They continue their prestige over all forms of media available and yet they don’t bother on “small” clients like us. Whilst they don’t have full and direct control over Ensogo, isn’t it standard courtesy to have a coordinator with them contactable after office hours, since most of their deals are being coursed through them? How then do they plan to handle situations like this in the future?

    For Ensogo, isn’t also standard that each client have a specific contact person who will liaise such reservation to La Carmela? Why would there be a confirmation email such as ours when the booking never happened? When people try to call their trunklines, they shut their lines and pretend the phone is not ringing. I can’t believe that an entity such as Ensogo is running out of staff who will watch over their phones to answer their customers. How on earth do they write a contact number (mobile) which is unreachable or unrecognizable numbers.

    Because of this experience, I’m doubting I’ll ever transact with them again. Let this serve as a warning to all.


  24. Thanks for the blog… Ensogo contact us to market our photobooth business… with this i am very much disappointed… thank you very much talaga….


  25. hindi na rin ako umulit dito sa ensogo. Kung mabilis lang sana process ng refund nila. Inabot ako ng 2 months. Ang nakakatawa pa, sasabihin pa nila na nadeposit na sa account ko ung refund pero nung pinapasend ko ung evidence na ngdeposit sila (since naka enroll account ko online, ma checheck ko kung meron ngang pumasok) palusot lang sila na naiwan daw ng messenger nila ung depost slip. saka nagbago ung website nila, parang hindi ko na nakikita ung comments window.


    1. Hi monet, what was the process on the refund.. Gusto ko rin iparefund yung nabili kong Sony LiveView, sira lahat eh.. Nakakahiya sa friends ko kasi nagpromote pa ako para bumili tapos sira naman pala mg binenta sa ensogo.. Grrr.. I have my complaint letter pero parang dinedeadma lang nila.. Please help.. Thanks!


  26. buti na lng at nabasa ko itong blog na ito kung hindi mabibiktima pa ako ng scam na i2.bakit po hindi mapasara itong company na i2. sa US once n madami ng demanda and isang company sa BBB nirarade ng FBI ang office. But anyways, thanks i found this blog so i can tell my friends about this RIP OFF activity of ensogo.


  27. Let’s also consider the fact that, Ensogo is still a business, and us customers have the privilege to assess whether the deal is “too good to be true.” Just a piece of advise, call the merchant first before sealing the deal.


  28. bad experience with ensogo, I bought an eyelash serum with ensogo, then my sister rang them to find out the expected delivery. They said they will start end of Sept. until one day(hahahahahaha) they rang again and said that LBC tried to deliver it twice, and now we have to pick the item at their office, mga gago, ulol sinong niloko nyo, we have 3 maids and 4 shitsu, bakit walang nagingay man lang, hahahahahaah, only to find out that when you look at the LBC envelop, their is no trace of return to ensogo, hahahahahaha, manloloko, mga ulol, we have just waisted time and gas to reach your company ulol


  29. certainly like your web site however you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very troublesome to tell the truth however I will definitely come again again.


  30. Hey thanks for posting i am very new to buyng vouchers online and was jst about to buy 3 deals frm ensogo, knowing these things happened made me think twice.


  31. I was an ensogo employee back in 2011. Stayed with them only for a month. Left them. That is how scary they are.


  32. I was also fooled by ensogo. They literally just take your money and don’t really care whether you get what you paid for. I’ve had problems with dealgrocer and cashcash also before, but they found solutions to make clients happy. ensogo… geez. This site should really be investigated by the DTI


  33. Aniesthetix INVISIBLE Ceramic Braces
    Upper or Lower Braces with consultations and other perks

    Voucher is valid for Upper and/or Lower Ceramic Braces plus other perks at Aniesthetix Dental Implant Centre

    Upper or Lower Braces with perks for P7499
    Upper and Lower Braces with perks for P12999

    This package contains:
    Free consultation
    1 free Extraction (not valid on impacted extraction)
    Oral Prophylaxis
    Adjustment for 6 months to 1 year (until treatment is finished)
    20% discount on all other services for 1 year

    Hidden Charges:
    Molding: P1000 upper & lower (should be included on the deal)
    X-Ray: P2500 (unexpectedly expensive)
    Post Dated Check: P12000 required by the orthodontist for the entire procedure (worst catch, unexpected! specially that you have already bought the voucher, there is no turning back)
    Fallen Bracket: P1000 EACH! (ouch! just imagine that on your monthly appointment there has been a fallen bracket, not just one but a lot) ex: 1 fallen bracket x 12months = P12000 additional ina year

    Total: P16,500+++ on top of the voucher you bought from Ensogo (ex. P12999) = P29500!


    GF Mezza Residences,across SM Centerpoint/ V.Mapa Station(LRT), Quezon City
    GF Torre Venezia,Timog Ave cor. Sct. Santiago,( across Burger King/ Icebergs/St. Paul Parish), Quezon City
    Phone no.: 0922-8371264 (0922-8dr.ani)


    1. hi Michael,

      I also bought a voucher of this service pero wala pang appointment. Question, ano yung charge sa fallen bracket?


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    Thank you and God bless!


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