Resolution of Ensogo and Resorts World Manila Debacle

I’ve been meaning to write this blog, but work got in the way. Plus, simply put, nawalan ako ng ganang magsulat (I lost the drive to write about it). The whole thing was such a huge let down. In any case, perhaps many can learn from our experience so I’ll share with you what happened next. The dates are a little hazy, though, so please bear with me.

This blog reached both Ensogo and Resorts World Manila (RWM). We found out that, through six degrees of separation, people knew people and my blog got forwarded to both. I think it was also through Facebook/Twitter/Plurk/other forum shares. We didn’t really expect much from them, considering how things got handled in the first place.

Ensogo was the first to reach my husband, through a friend of my sister-in-law. Supposedly, they were to schedule a meeting with us, people from Ensogo and people from RWM. But that fell through, because I don’t really think they wanted to even meet with us in the first place. Next to call was RWM’s Director of Sales. She wanted to meet with us, perhaps to placate us. She was able to, to a certain extent. But the meeting fell through, too, because she had to attend to something “urgent” and had to re-schedule for another week. At that point, we just didn’t want to bother with anyone anymore and said that we didn’t need to meet with them and that all we needed to know was whether we were going to get refunded. She said we would.

We did get the check a few days later. The check’s receiving copy was an email trail of exchanges between Ensogo and RWM. I got a glimpse of this–I regret that I didn’t get to photocopy it. But the gist was, we were getting refunded because RWM wanted to ensure that every customer was satisfied. That raised an eyebrow, believe me. But I wasn’t going to raise an issue with Ensogo’s kind messenger.

And that’s that.

I’d rather just count my blessings and be grateful that we were, at least, “attended” to and were refunded. I can’t say that that’s the same for others involved in other–bigger and more expensive–scams, such as the Hong Kong farce that a reader, Ms. Darlene, was involved in. You may read her comments here.

Through all of this experience, I learned this:

  1. Ensogo will not refund unless they have the vendor’s blessing. If RWM didn’t agree to have us refunded, we wouldn’t have received any check.
  2. It pays to complain using the right channels. Find out if you know somebody connected to or working with Ensogo or the vendor in question. And complain with the DTI. DTI NCR is coming up with a case with Ensogo. I know this because they emailed my husband asking for the details of the case. You may complain here:
  3. And the most obvious, there are a LOT of complaints against both Ensogo and Resorts World Manila. I found this out while digging through Ensogo’s Facebook page (which, btw, censors all bad/negative/violent comments posted on their wall), an Ensogo complaints page on FB–Ensogo Ripped Us Off, and through friends’ accounts of doing business with RWM. If they’ll ever make it to marketing/PR/social media books, the subject heading would read “What NOT to Do to Be a Marketing/PR/Social Media Success.”

Thank you to everyone who shared our unfortunate experience with Ensogo and RWM. I hope we all learn from this. Have a good day!



  1. I actually experienced the worst problem with Ensogo! I purchased 3 months ago 10 vouchers ofHongkong travel package, Upon payment, I informed them right away of my family’s preferred travel dates, with additional arrangements such as 1 day extension of stay SINCE WE WANT TO MAXIMIZE OUR TRIP there – plus Disney tour, thus I was asked to pay additional of P43,000. When I called and emailed them to give them our preferred travel arrangements, they gave me the assurance that everything was ironed out already and all I have to do is to wait for our e-tickets which will be issued 3 WEEKS BEFORE departure date. Our Travel date is Dec 2-5> Here is the itinerary they sent me:

    Below is the 4-day itinerary:
    • DAY 1: Manila to Hong Kong (no meals) – 8:00AM – 10:00AM- Manila to Hong Kong via Hong Kong Express UO714/0755/1000 – Meet and transfer to hotel – Disneyland tour – Overnight in Hong Kong • DAY 2: Hong Kong (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -08:30AM commencing Hong Kong City tour visiting Mid-level of Victoria Peak, Aberdeen Fishing Village (Sampan ride is optional), J.C. Jewelry Factory and Movie Star Avenue -Afternoon free time for shopping
    -Overnight in Hong Kong • DAY 3: Hong Kong to Manila (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -free time
    • DAY 4: Hong Kong to Manila (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -free time in the morning (Hotel check-out time is at 1200) -Afternoon assembly and transfer to Hong Kong Airport by coach -9:30PM -11:30PM Hong Kong to Manila via UO713/2130/2330

    So almost 2 and half months passed by and long planned our trip is a month to go, I made a follow up/reminder that our e-tickets should be issued 3 WEEKS before our trip. Here is their reply:

    “We will e-mail the e-ticket next week. Aplogies for the delay. Rest assured that booking is already confirmed and guaranted.”

    Thank you!

    Ensogo Team

    I trusted that everything is still fine as per their assurance. Another week passed by and our trip is 2 weeks to go so I was starting to get frustrated, especially since its taking FOREVER to reach their numbers. I made another follow up and this is what they said:

    “We understand your frustration and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Rest assured that your booking is already confirmed and guaranteed. We will get back to you immediately once we have an update regarding your e-ticket. As mentioned on our previous e-mail, we will e-mail the e-ticket within the week. We already made the follow up and we are just waiting for their reply.”

    Thank you for understanding. Have a great day!

    Best regards,

    Ensogo Team

    Until its already 1 WEEK to go before our LONG PLANNED TRIP I became very upset already and really never stopped making follow ups and calls in their office and hardly reached them so I made a research and was able to get the number of a certain Jan Franco – one of their marketing executives and I figured, she will definitely take my call coz I might be a prospective client/merchant for Ensogo who would want to avail of their service. True enough, my call was answered in almost an instant and I told her my problem and she was able to direct me to the person whom I really need to talk to to address my problem. It’s already Nov 25, Friday 4pm when I got this email from them:

    “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We regret to inform you that Hongkong Express cancelled their flight for Manila to Hong Kong UO714/0755/1000 (8:00AM – 10:00AM), and was moved to 1840H(6:40pm). Your return flight to manila remains the same. Your disneyland tour will be move on 2nd day instead of day 1. Please advise.

    Thank you!

    Ensogo Team

    SERIOUSLY? 1 WEEK BEFORE OUR LONG PLANNED TRIP? We are 10 that were supposed to make the trip and how in the hell are we going to find alternative option in a span of 1 WEEK? They want us to settle with the change in flight schedule wheerein we were supposed to be scheduled to leave 8 in MORNING of DEC 2, but instead they are saying that our flight is MOVED to 6:40 in the EVENING. So the point of our extension of stay becomes USELESS if we would accept this. TAKE NOTE THAT WE EVEN PAID FOR ADDITIONAL EXTENSION OF STAY JUST TO MAXIMIZE OUR TRIP. What made everything worst is that they just advised us the said changes 1 WEEK prior to our trip. HOW IS THAT FOR RUINING OUR LONG PLANNED VACATION?! Not to mention the dissapointment of my family, my kids in particular. Our family has decided to demand for a FULL REFUND and we are considering filing necessary charges against this VERY IRRESPONSIBLE GROUP BUYING SITE NAMED ENSOGO.

    Oh, and 1 last thing….they didn’t even offered any COMPROMISE to cover for the INCONVENIENCE. GOOD JOB ENSOGO!


  2. Hi Kim,

    Sorry to hear you had to go through with ensogo, all that hassle, i feel for you i know how annoying it can be (being a daily deal addict). I think daily deal websites in general to need to pick up their efforts on customer care, its something that is really lacking in the deal industry.

    Me and my girlfriend run a daily deal blog in the Philippines called and we are launching a complaints page there for our readers, we noticed complaints like yours get resolved faster (usually) when they are made public. Your post just worried me abit because ensogo usually wins alot our ”BEST” categories such as best travel deal or best food deal, so if we keep hearing alot of complaints about them we will be thinking twice before posting there deals. If you ever have any future complaints be sure to also post them onto our blog, it might help. Take care.


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