Mind blown: Of efficiency, honesty and persistence

It seems that I have gotten it all wrong.

I thought that working quickly and piling my plate with more were what I needed to develop what I do. After all, if I were to be great at something, shouldn’t I practice, practice, practice?

In the process, however, I’ve completely forgotten that age-old cliche (but one that remains true today as it did yesterday): quality beats quantity, all the time. I have to pace myself, give myself the time to ponder. As much as I want to be that person who can put things together from scratch in a very short amount of time, I simply don’t work that way. It takes time for my brain to churn something out.

I don’t like haste; I love taking my time to think things through. That’s how I produce work that I’m proud of–exactly the kind of work that makes me feel accomplished and confident. I find it serendipitous to have stumbled upon these 3 great reads:

When efficiency isn’t all cracked up to be, …

People, at times, are too caught up by the thrill of achieving a goal as quickly as they possibly can: get that corner office, own a house or earn your first million by the time in X years. Or it can be as simple as finishing tasks in X hours, days or weeks. I suppose when you live in the world where data and metrics measure performance, it’s easy to be too focused on time. But once you beat your deadline, is what you accomplished what you really wanted in life?

… because good ol’ honest work means “taking longer to produce (better and) less,” …

Nothing struck a chord harder than this article. Reminds me of my favorite quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne (or was it Ernest Hemingway?), “Easy reading is damn hard writing.”

I can’t produce great work in 30 minutes. It will sound inarticulate, messy and lazy. If it’s worth doing, it’s work taking the time.

… and persistence is the key ingredient to being creative, and “science can prove it.”

Ah, hope! Practice and persistence is what makes people creative. Show up and focus–you’ll eventually see those creative juices flowing.


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