Traveling Feet Bucket List: Western Montana and Glacier National Park

I’ve always been fascinated by Montana. Not exactly the kind of place Filipinos would dream of visiting, especially since it can get really cold! I hear it’s a nice place to visit during the summer months. If you’re one to commune with nature, I think Montana’s a beautiful place to visit.

I’ve heard of the Going to the Sun Road before, but never really quite appreciated how much an engineering achievement it is. It’s closed most of the year, but is completely open during the summer months, when snow completely thaws (did I mention how cold Montana is?). Further research got me to this website: Glacier Country, Montana. It’s the official site of Western Montana tourism, and the website that convinced me that Montana is worth a visit.

I would love to ride these historic red jammers, which takes you through the Going to the Sun Road.

Historic Red Jammer driving through the Going to the Sun Road

Historic Red Jammer driving through the Going to the Sun Road | Image courtesy of

I am not big on camping, but I wouldn’t mind staying inside a warm, cozy tent like this one:

Stay in Glacier Country Montana

Glamping, anyone? | Image courtesy of

Perhaps hike to see a glacier or take one of these guided trips on horseback?

Guided trip on Horseback in Glacier Country Montana

Take a guided trip on horseback in Glacier Country | Image courtesy of

Maybe I can even meet a mountain goat along the way

Mountain Goat Glacier Country Montana

Meet a mountain goat along the way | Image courtesy of

One day, I suppose. One day.



  1. Great blog post, Kim� Montana is one of my favorite places! I’ve spent quite a bit of time around Yellowstone National Park but have never been to Glacier. I have several friends who have been and I hear it’s fantastic. We do have mountain goats here in Colorado though, and I’ve seen them up close! Cool animals.


  2. Glacier National Park is such a beautiful place to visit no matter the time of the year. It always has so much to offer, see, and explore. We love it! Thanks for sharing your post!


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