The Collective Divisoria Shopping Haul … so far

I set foot in Divisoria for the first time in 4 years a few months ago. We needed loot bag fillers and party decor for my daughter’s birthday bash. We’ve been going back once a month since. I would never have thought that my husband has the patience and enthusiasm for shopping in Divisoria.

We visit for the toys and bricks.

Then again, the Divisoria toy scene is something else. The Husband, a Lego enthusiast, has recently discovered China-made Lego-like bricks and minifigures, which is why he doesn’t mind getting up early to drive to Divisoria.

03.24 Bricks Super Heroes NDCC Building Bodega Sale Divisoria TuronATLugaw

We initially bought our first batch of minifigures, similar to the one above, to fill lootbags for my daughter’s party. But we soon discovered that our sukis usually received a fresh batch of minifigure shipments monthly–each one different from another (did I mention we now go monthly?).

That is why we now have a Lego minifigure overpopulation problem, and it’s largely because of the Husband’s insatiable appetite for bricks. You can find these Lego-like minifigures sold by a pack of 6 or 8 pretty much everywhere in Divisoria: 168 Mall, 999 Mall and even in the Toy Building, otherwise known as the New Divisoria Condominium Center (NDCC) Building at the corner of Sta. Elena and Tabora Streets. The pack of 6 Super Heroes minifigures shown above was bought in NDCC for about PhP180 (and but a drop in the bucket that is the Husband’s collection).

The Toy Building was such a find, but there are a lot of downsides to shopping there. While the selection and the prices cannot be beat, the experience can be very overwhelming. The Husband, who is usually quite the efficient shopper, took some time before he got his bearings straight enough to make his first purchase. The minifigures and brick sets are cheaper, but it does take some time to go around and go through piles and shelves of toys. The Husband describes the NDCC as every kid’s idea of heaven–and every parent’s worst nightmare. It’s a money trap, so make sure you come in with a plan (and don’t bring your kids!). You may also need to keep coming back because there’s just TOO much stuff packed in there.

Luckily, we don’t need to go to NDCC as often. For one thing, much of the stuff there are best bought as loot bag fillers and maybe even stocking stuffers. But for the really good stuff, the Husband and I stick with either the 168 Mall or the 999 Mall. We already have a suki in both malls for toy bricks.

03.24 Bricks Cars 999 Mall Divisoria TuronATLugaw

We bought this one from a regular suki. This set costs about PhP450. The Husband hasn’t built it yet, but the smaller sets made by the same brand are actually good. They’re far from Lego quality, but it gives the Husband something to build and play with. Truth be told, he has enough genuine Lego sets to fill up a room (did I mention that he’s a huge enthusiast?), but he doesn’t want to open those sets just yet.

Not to be outdone, I bought my own. Not really into the Friends theme, but there’s really nothing else to play with. I have yet to see a bootleg version of Lego’s architecture line–I’ve only seen a Nanoblock counterfeit, and I don’t really like Nanoblock to begin with.

03.24 Bricks Friends 168 Mall 999 Mall Divisoria 1 TuronATLugaw

03.24 Bricks Friends 168 Mall 999 Mall Divisoria 2 TuronATLugaw

I bought these from our sukis. The Stephanie and Mailbox set, which comes in a box compared to the original that comes as a polybag set, costs around PhP100. The Stephanie and Cat’s Playground, and the Olivia and Squirrel’s Tree House came in a set of 3 and cost PhP180 for the set (the originals didn’t come with the Friends characters, btw). Lastly, the Emma’s Sports Car cost me about PhP280. I’ll likely give this to the Daughter once she’s old enough to play with them.

One of our sukis also sold Lalaloopsy dolls. He gave it to me at PhP340 only. It came with the same packaging and looks legit to me, except for a couple of small ink stains on the doll itself. I have a feeling that these are factory rejects. Nonetheless, I got so curious that I bought one for my daughter. This is Trouble Dusty Trails, the little sister of Prairie Dusty Trails.

03.24 Lalaloopsy 999 Mall Divisoria TuronATLugaw

I love buying stationery.

Divisoria is also the place to go for stationery. I bought Hello Kitty themed notepads, pens and cases for the Daughter’s party lootbags.

03.24 Stationery Hello Kitty Divisoria 168 Mall 1 TuronATLugaw

I forgot how much these cost, but I am pretty sure that each didn’t cost more than PhP60. They get cheaper the more you buy, so it’s best to ask for the wholesale price. Buying wholesale means buying a minimum of 6 pieces.

The Hello Kitty-themed sticker/coloring book and the box of jumbo wax crayons cost me PhP80–for both.

03.24 Stationery Hello Kitty Divisoria 168 Mall 2 TuronATLugaw

My favorite buys to date? These gel pens. The colored pen set on the left costs PhP120 and the box of a dozen black ink gel pens on the right costs PhP65. I got both from the 168 Mall.

03.24 Stationery Gel Pens Divisoria 168 Mall TuronATLugaw


What have you bought from Divisoria lately?



  1. Hi! I’ve enjoyed reading this whole article most especially the LEGO knock-offs! Like your husband, I’m also a huuuuge fan of bricks/LEGO toys. I’m wondering if you could share with me your”suki” store for the mini figures? Or the ones from 168 or 999 mall? Because honestly, I’m not really familiar with Divisoria mall (that’s why I’ve been reading a lot about it on the Internet) and I am planning to go there over the weekend.

    I really hope you could help me on this.

    Thank youuuu! 🙂


    1. Hi Reese, thanks for passing by! In 999, we go to the 3rd floor wholesale store next to Chinabank. I forgot the exact pasilyo and stall number of the others. I’ll be going before the weekend. I’ll take note of them for you.


  2. Awww thank you, Ma’am! Looking forward to it. Thank you, thank you! 🙂 Really appreciate it. 🙂


  3. Here are my sukis:
    168 Mall: 1J-10
    999 Mall: 1P-1, 1S-08 and the huge wholesaler in Building 2 next to Chinabank

    I just went there today, lots of stalls selling Lego-like bricks. We usually get the best deals from 999


    1. Will be going to Divi later! Your response is really a big help. Thank you thank you! I’ll definitely go straight to your sukis later. Yay! Thanks again, Ma’am! 🙂


      1. If you can’t find what you need with my sukis, there are other stalls nearby that you can also haggle with. We find stalls in 999 cheaper, but more variety inside 168 mall. Good luck!

  4. Great post! My brother loves those Lego knockoffs! I’m also interested in the pens that you bought! I found something similar like that online, but it’s really really expensive. Do you mind telling me where in 168 you bought them? Thanks! 🙂



  5. Thanks Faye! Which pens are you talking about? The colored pens that come as a set? I actually forgot to note the pasilyo and unit number of the stall I bought it from, and it didn’t come from any of my sukis. I do remember, however, finding several stores selling it. I actually have two now (which now reminds me the need for another post, this time about my Divisoria stationery haul!). I found this particular set inside 168 Mall, at the ground floor and near one of the many entrances. I also found another one inside 999 Mall, but that one was sold to me for 130. Sorry, I can’t be more specific.




  7. Would you know if they are also posting online for us located outside manila? I’d rather pay for shipping fee than buy an airline ticket. 😦 thank you!


  8. Hi guys! we have a facebook group page and we would like to invite those who collect lego and alternate bricks here in the Philippines. We do group meetups monthly and you can attend to showcase or display your creations or interact with members who have the same hobby like us. We also have registered tour guides that will help assist you to find the location of the alt brick shops in divi. Sali na po kayo sa aming grupo mga Kalaryo! (“laryo is the tagalog term for bricks.)

    Facebook page: Pinoy Bricksters

    @turonatlugaw: pardon me for plugging in your blog, we would just want to share the group and get together. 🙂


  9. do you know any fb pages that sell those bootleg lego.. how i wishd im in manila so i cn visit divisoria…


  10. have you ever shopped for toys in the BODEGA? old Divisoria Mall where all the toys are. I usually go there for toys. If the price in 168 is Php1000, In bodega, guaranteed it’s Php800 or less.


    1. hi.. may i know where is the exact location of old divisoria mall or bodega toys? thanks & god bless


  11. hi turon lugaw. can i ask for their contact number? im from Bacolod City and planning to venture in these minifigure business here in the province. i would like to order wholesale from your suking store. please do send me a mail at looking forward for your positive response. thanks


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