3 Things I’ve Learned From Running a Small Business in the Last 4 Years

In college, I had this dream of putting up my own business. I didn’t have an idea of what kind of business I was going to start, but the image in my head involved corner offices on the top floor of a building. My business would give me flexibility, allowing me to set my own schedule and travel.

I only saw the glamour. Was I completely wrong.

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Musings of a (Former) Teacher

As a teacher, I am not paid to be your friend. I am paid to teach, to guide, to encourage. If we become  friends despite my methods, which you may, at times, find severe, then, well and good. I count that as a blessing and I consider that a compliment. If we don’t, then that’s OK, too. But I sincerely hope, for your sake, that you remember and imbibe what I taught you, because while I do not put all my effort into trying to be friends with you, I do give my best in teaching, guiding and encouraging you so that you may hopefully reach your full potential.

There is nothing for a teacher to gain in what you may think as making life difficult for you. Don’t get me wrong, we do take it personally. We make it our personal goal to help you be a better person. But we are not sadists; we find no joy in seeing you suffer. Sometimes, however, it brings far greater good to have you learn things the hard way than see you not learn anything at all.